Monday, March 8, 2010

for all the little princess

Hello to all... Sorry and a thousand apologies on the the delay of the post.. I was in a midst of struggling on my new job and my passion on craft.. Anyway, for this time around what I've did was slightly different from what I usually done. Some hairband for the pony tail lover. Some beautiful clips for the adorable little princesses..

Happy shopping and as usual for any inquiries or any ideas you may send email to

Each Clips RM5 (free postage)

Code : c001 (up) ; c002 (bottom)

Each Clips RM5 (Free Postage)
code : c003 (up) ; c004 (bottom)

Each Clips RM5 ( Free Postage)

code : coo5 (up); coo6(bottom)

Each Hairband RM5 (Free Postage)

code : c007(left) ; coo8 (right)

Each Hairband RM5 (Free postage)

code : c009 (star); c010 (heart); c011 (brown flower); c012 (pink flower)

Each Hairband RM10 (Free postage)

code : c013 (purple); co14 (pink); c015(blue)

Hanirband RM10 (Free postage)
code : c016