Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi all...

I baru jer upload new item... for more info bole email I hana_adzad@yahoo.com

n if nak tgk byk lagi baju bole dtg gerai kitorang kat Downtown Setiawangsa..

Btw baju- baju & dresses kitorang jual RM 5 - RM 10.. and for all yg biasa beli dari I tau I jual good quality & good product...

Sayang sume..


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simple guidelines for all on mesurement

Women's Shoes

European3535 ½363737 ½3838 ½39404142
UK2 ½33 ½44 ½55 ½66 ½77 ½
Japan2121 ½2222 ½2323 ½2424 ½2525 ½26
USA55 ½66 ½77 ½88 ½99 ½10

USA Women's Size Standards

US Sizes2468101214161820
Bust (inches)32 ½33 ½34 ½35 ½36 ½3839 ½414345
Waist (inches)242526272829 ½3132 ½34 ½36 ½
Hip (inches)34 ½35 ½36 ½37 ½38 ½4041 ½434547
Bust (cm)82 ½8587 ½9092 ½96 ½100 ½104109114
Waist (cm)6163 ½6668 ½71757982 ½87 ½93
Hip (cm)87 ½90939598101 ½105 ½109114119

Women's Dresses and Suits (Misses Sizes)


Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi all...

I akan upload new item this afternoon so stay tuned ya...


Monday, July 5, 2010

Postage Rate has been Revised

Attention to ALL !!!!!

Effective on the 1st of July all parcel delivery has been revised from RM 2.50 / kg changes to RM 7 /kg.. In order to make everyone happy highly suggested to use pos laju / pos express has it is more affordable, murah n laju :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last month shopping... How about for this month?? Hmm.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

COMING SOON... very very soon...

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay anyway, I have few thing that I'll be selling of.. so stay tune!!
Something for the beautiful mommies, untuk gadis- gadis.. (ahak..) and not forgetting all the little precious princesses..

So stay tune!!

Another good news is I'll be revising some of the item price more affordable for all and not forgetting free postage for selected item**

** with t&c apply

best regards,

Founder of Life is a Fairytales

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm back!!!

Hi all... It's been awhile I've not posted any new item..

Hairband RM 10 for 1 flower design
Hairband RM15 for 2 flower design
Hair clips Rm5 each.
** free postage

Happy shopping everyone!!!

any inquiry email me at hana_adzad@yahoo.com.my

Monday, March 8, 2010

for all the little princess

Hello to all... Sorry and a thousand apologies on the the delay of the post.. I was in a midst of struggling on my new job and my passion on craft.. Anyway, for this time around what I've did was slightly different from what I usually done. Some hairband for the pony tail lover. Some beautiful clips for the adorable little princesses..

Happy shopping and as usual for any inquiries or any ideas you may send email to hana_adzad@yahoo.com.my

Each Clips RM5 (free postage)

Code : c001 (up) ; c002 (bottom)

Each Clips RM5 (Free Postage)
code : c003 (up) ; c004 (bottom)

Each Clips RM5 ( Free Postage)

code : coo5 (up); coo6(bottom)

Each Hairband RM5 (Free Postage)

code : c007(left) ; coo8 (right)

Each Hairband RM5 (Free postage)

code : c009 (star); c010 (heart); c011 (brown flower); c012 (pink flower)

Each Hairband RM10 (Free postage)

code : c013 (purple); co14 (pink); c015(blue)

Hanirband RM10 (Free postage)
code : c016

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello and Hi everyone..

It's been a really- really busy week for me... Busy with my new job.. busy with all my collection.. I hereby to give annoucement that all my hair band design is SOLD OUT!! I repeat

I will be posting the new design within this week.. and not forgetting re-do some design upon request by others...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twinkle twinkle little baby star


Just finish batch of my hand made hair accesories.. some twinkle star at our babies hair will look really C.U.T.E..

and as usual 100% hand- made by me :)

Everything less than RM 15.00 Grab now while stock last..

for order or customize or even ideas, kindly drop me an email at hana_adzad@yahoo.com.my..


RM 10.00

code : b001

RM 10.00

code : b002

RM 15.00 (SOLD)

code : b003

RM 10.00 (SOLD)

code : b004

RM 10.00

code : b005

RM 5.00 (SOLD)

code : b006

RM 5.00

code : b007

RM 5.00

code : b008

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a trip to the zoo

wah!!! so tired.. baru balik from Zoo Negara.. Ryan was so excited looking at all the animals.. He imitate all the animal punye sound..

any here some picture for my personal collection..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Weekend

Minggu yang penuh dengan kemerahan and kemeriahan.. What's not to celebrate?
Chinese New Year and Valentine falls at the same day.. As for me, bukan menjadi tradisi tp maybe secara kebetulan me and family pergi ke Zoo Negara on Chinese New Year..

Last year we were there on Chinese New Year.. Year of Ox. And since this year would be Year of Tiger, well tetiba secara tidak disengajakan and tak tau nak kemana on that particular day. And not forgetting Ryan love animals.

Just so update.. I just finish another tutu today.. Lain sikit daripada yang I buat previously. Ni ala-ala rock gitu.. I just love the combination of the colur.. will upload the picture..

That it for now... Chow.. Sayang semua..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My 2nd Collection

Code : a01(SOLD)

code : a02 (SOLD)

code : a03 (SOLD)

code: a04 (SOLD)

I just love flower.. It's like an obsession for me. This is what I do during the weekdays at home night time..

Disney On Ice coming soon - 12- 14 March 2010

Disney On Ice is back. Meet Mickey Mouse and friends on ICE!!
And obviously my son is looking forward to see all he's favourite PIXAR character..
Can't wait for the date..
Ticket sold range of RM 58 - RM228 ( not bad!!)
For more information and information taken from :

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flower Hairband for Babies and Lil Girls

Code : 07 (Blue) ; Code : 08 (White)

Flower Hairband for Babies and Lil Girls

100% handmade

For Only RM10.00

Humming Bird Hairband for Babies and Lil Girls

Code : 05 (SOLD)

Code : 06 (SOLD)
Humming Bird Hairband for Babies and Lil Girls

100% hand made
Only RM10

Flowery Hairband For Babies and Lil Girls

Code : 01 (SOLD)

Code : 02 (SOLD) restock (SOLD)

Code : 03 (SOLD)

Code : 04 (SOLD) restock (SOLD)

Babies and Lil Girls Hairband
100% Nylon Strechable Hairband
100% hand made
For Only RM15

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tutu In Trend

Pretty In Pink

RM 30.00

for 2 years - 3 years

Lovely Blue

RM 30.00

for 1 years - 2 years

Something diffrent in Green

RM 30.00
for 6 months - 12 months.

Don't u think your baby girl will look so cute with the fluffy tutu??

Tutu can be spice up.. You can make you child look pretty as a Ballerina. Perfect for any occasion and events.

Wedding, Flower Girls, Birthday, and Photos...

For Only RM 30.00

Hand made Tutu

** also available for customize for any events/ occasion

Monday, January 18, 2010


For any purchase from this site are title to get FREE GIFT of cute keychain..